Sunday, November 26, 2006

Another phase

I just got back from Disney last night. It was an incredible trip in many different ways. My dad is seriously ill. But, until you spend seven days with someone, day and night, you really don't realize the full extent of it. I am going through so many ups and downs right now it's just crazy. And now I go and change the title of my blog. I'm on this new mission to master French in six months. I took six years of French in high school (seventh through twelfth grade), and I know I can hold my own, but just don't have the confidence. It's my new project. I am a total geek. Each night before bed I complete a chapter in my French grammar book. Yeah. Total geek. My dad lived in Nancy, France, for a year, and would love to return there. You make the connections. I'm not going to be obvious.

As nervous as I was for the commercialization of Disney, I must say there were some incredible restaurants in Disney (Le Cellier and Alfredos (I think!), an Italian restaurant). I also enjoyed shopping. I would have made Katherine proud. I actually ENJOYED and thrived on shopping. I'm the type of person who thrives on finding unique items. I went nuts in Epcot in the Japan area. I even talked long enough to one of the staff so that they gave me the business card for the home office in Tokyo. Yes, I was that excited. I already have a shopping list ready for my mom when she goes back in January. I literally could have dropped a grand there and would have been happy. And I am a TOTAL cheapo. I shop at Marshalls. I will only buy things that I know will last a lifetime (think LL Bean). I scored this beautiful reversable, heavy zip-up sweat-jacket that has cranes on it. Muwahahahaha! No one has it in my town. Muwahahahhahahaha! I'm that type of gal. I have to have things that no one has, so that's why I like shopping at Marshall's. There are usually limited items there. I also found some beautiful barettes made from kimono silk, and then encased in resin. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful for keeping the hair back in that conservative manner.

The whole experience was great. I am exhausted. I became pretty sick from the wicked cold weather. It's only 8:15 right now, and I am exhausted. I hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day!


Blogger MonkeyDragon said...

I hope you enjoyed the time with your dad, thank you for sharing the pictures - I did note all of the loverly Disney attire on everyone ;)

dare you to teach in french one day and see how many students catch on ;)

(LL Bean? gads woman I am signing you up for a Columbia Sportswear catalog right now . . . but you will have to come visit to use my employee discount - yeah I have friends . . . )

8:07 PM  
Blogger Woodchuck said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed you little trip.

We had a great Thanksgiving.

10:13 PM  

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