Saturday, December 16, 2006

Joyeux Noel and all that Stuff

'Tis the time of year when I live on eating whatever is in the fridge, and make sure I drink lots of caffeine. I will admit that this year I'm doing much better than in the past. Perhaps motherhood has helped calm me down to see what's important in life.

I've had a tough week, with all the goings on. I'm hesitant to describe too much about the workplace, but I'll just say it was tough. The end always justifies the means, though, and will lead to all things good. Unfortunately, I cleaned the house this week and ended up with a major allergy attack. That was only the beginning.

We found out on Thursday that my dad's cancer levels are increasing, so chemo is on the horizon. Let's be more specific, as it looks like it will begin on my birthday in January. Nice, ne c'est pas? I'm taking suggestions as to when my birthday should be moved. Any dates would be much appreciated.

My son asked to listen to Courtney Love this morning. Darn, that boy made me proud! Kidlet B will be taking art lessons at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston next month. Kidlet A may be going to the French Library for story time at the same time. He truly has a gift for languages; he can mimic French, Chinese, Russian, Bulgarian - you name it - with a near perfect accent. I'm trying not to be a "helicopter mommy," but at times it's just so hard.

I hear a croissant calling my name. Croissants dipped in cafe au lait are truly heaven, even if the croissant is simply from my supermarket, and the coffee is simply from Starbucks. I may be in suburbia instead of Paris, but I can dream!


Blogger suburban mom said...

OMG you just made my mouth water thinking about a biscotti dipped in a latte. Delish. And hubs and I haven't traveled in forever (we had kids immediately but I'm thinking we should go to Paris for our 10 year anniversary. Very cool, n'est-ce pas? (did I say that right?)

8:32 PM  
Blogger Kristin said...

Yes, you did that right! At the end of a sentence, when you'd like to have n'est-ce pas as a question tag, you add the -ce bit. Tres bien, Katherine!

5:12 PM  

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