Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

I received an email from my friend in India awhile ago wishing me a Happy 2007, as it already is 2007 there. I replied back with, "Yeah! I feel embarassed, as here in 2006 I'm still in my pajamas and am cleaning the house!"

We were explaining to the boys last night about New Year's resolutions. I have a love/hate relationship with resolutions, because I feel that the media moguls and advertising idiots play on them to make us go out and buy all those exercising plans, clothing, and diet pills so we'll be a size four by beach time. Alas, welcome to America. (That's UNITED STATES to you, people! AMERICA is really ALL of the AMERICAS!) In any event, Kidlet B said he wants to help more people, and Kidlet A said something about wanting to create a Star Wars figure. I, myself, want to eat the way the French do - eat what I like, and no more of this eating junk food. Have you ever noticed how the French revel in their food? It's because they have such beautiful, gorgeous, delicious food! They don't eat crap! They don't eat stuff that looks like it grew out of a pile of slush in the backyard! However, that would mean that I would need more time to cook. We'll have to see where yet again this Kristin dilemma takes us.

An update on the bulbs - they are only an inch tall. Katherine and MonkeyDragon - WHAT HAVE I DONE? MY BULBS ARE NOT GROWING! Today is really the first sunny day we've had, so I'm thinking perhaps the lack of sun could be the reason for the midget pseudo-paperwhites. They're hyacinths (I think - I forget which bulbs I bought). I really wish they'd grow. I want happy bulbs. Perhaps I should consult my local library for bulb therapy books.

I found an old college friend on the net today. Check out Jess Fenlon's art work online. I can't believe she lived near me for a few years and I didn't know it. Jess is not only a talented artist as you can see, but an incredibly true person. She rocks. I truly hope I get to see her again soon. That would be one heck of a great 2007 gift.

Happy New Year to all! May your days be filled with happines!


Blogger MonkeyDragon said...

well, you told me daffodils before, very chic this year my dear - but hyacinths are good, and have been featured as well. . . plus, they are shorter so maybe not to worry . . .

I think you need to consider that raw food diet - healthy and no cooking ;) . . .

Jess? as in Jess? wow!

OK - are you meeting us in DC? hello - talk about a FABulous 2007!

I'm going to go call you now . . . and I am sacrificing a nap for this too ;)

2:13 PM  
Blogger Woodchuck said...

Hyacinths tend to start slow and will grow at slower rate than Paperwhites. Don't worry about it. It's like water won't boil as long as you stand there. Walk away for a few days and you will be suprised when you look back.

9:16 PM  
Blogger suburban mom said...

Hyacinths? I haven't grown those. Well I think I did grow one but it didn't do very well. I always stick with standard paper whites.

But you are seriously cracking me up with your bulb stories, I was dying with you put them in upside down. Seriously cracking me up.

Can't you run out and buy like 2 or 3 true paperwhites and try those?

Oh, and monkey - I cut my paperwhites and put them in a vase on my table and they do have a smell to them. To me, not a bad smell, it is a light sort of musky smell which I could see if someone had bad allergies it could bug them.

Kristin - I should take a picture for you - they are lovely (not to rub it in or anyting, ;)

9:05 PM  
Blogger MonkeyDragon said...

SM - paperwhites just kill hubs - interestingly, hubs found out that hotels do not have them because they are on some no-no "allergen" list . . . the smell is the pollen

Kristin - our first house, the one in Oregon - had grape hyacinth bordering the drive - FABulous! The whole yard was a wonder - the property was originally a nursery!

and you can put paperwhites upside down and they will right themselves they are SO easy!

7:53 PM  
Blogger MonkeyDragon said...

ok, we are all done with the happy new year stuff now - on to projectile vomiting (described in technicolor for your reading enjoyment) we want some good classroom drama here -

we thinks you should post alternately in spanich and french

unless sanskrit is called for . . .

10:03 PM  

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