Friday, April 06, 2007


So, I'm home with the kidlets today, with one under the weather. We're spending quality time playing games like hangman (working in those vocabulary words) and watching TV. Yes, I'm watching cartoons with my kids. Quote of the week came forth from one such show. I couldn't but laugh at the title, "My Gym Partner is a Monkey!" Ok, that alone wins an award. The school goes on a field trip, and one animal screams, "I'm a chaperone, not a flight attendant!" Love it. Just love it.

Perhaps only educators get the humor. Perhaps it's because when I wheel my multi-media cart around my foreign language classroom I joke if students would like a beverage or peanuts, and that we'll be landing in about 53 minutes. Learning is definitely an adventure, a voyage. Sad but true, teachers in the US are only seen as the flight attendants, or less.


Blogger MonkeyDragon said...

OMG! A post! A post!

2:35 PM  
Blogger Domestic Zen said...

I would harass you about posting so infrequently, but then . . .

10:42 PM  

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