Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

I received an email from my friend in India awhile ago wishing me a Happy 2007, as it already is 2007 there. I replied back with, "Yeah! I feel embarassed, as here in 2006 I'm still in my pajamas and am cleaning the house!"

We were explaining to the boys last night about New Year's resolutions. I have a love/hate relationship with resolutions, because I feel that the media moguls and advertising idiots play on them to make us go out and buy all those exercising plans, clothing, and diet pills so we'll be a size four by beach time. Alas, welcome to America. (That's UNITED STATES to you, people! AMERICA is really ALL of the AMERICAS!) In any event, Kidlet B said he wants to help more people, and Kidlet A said something about wanting to create a Star Wars figure. I, myself, want to eat the way the French do - eat what I like, and no more of this eating junk food. Have you ever noticed how the French revel in their food? It's because they have such beautiful, gorgeous, delicious food! They don't eat crap! They don't eat stuff that looks like it grew out of a pile of slush in the backyard! However, that would mean that I would need more time to cook. We'll have to see where yet again this Kristin dilemma takes us.

An update on the bulbs - they are only an inch tall. Katherine and MonkeyDragon - WHAT HAVE I DONE? MY BULBS ARE NOT GROWING! Today is really the first sunny day we've had, so I'm thinking perhaps the lack of sun could be the reason for the midget pseudo-paperwhites. They're hyacinths (I think - I forget which bulbs I bought). I really wish they'd grow. I want happy bulbs. Perhaps I should consult my local library for bulb therapy books.

I found an old college friend on the net today. Check out Jess Fenlon's art work online. I can't believe she lived near me for a few years and I didn't know it. Jess is not only a talented artist as you can see, but an incredibly true person. She rocks. I truly hope I get to see her again soon. That would be one heck of a great 2007 gift.

Happy New Year to all! May your days be filled with happines!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Real quick...

One of the kidlets is sick, so we're stuck at home for the rest of vacation. We were suppose to have the boys go to a birthday party tomorrow, and then to a friends' house for New Year's Eve. Kidlet B has one of those strange ten day viruses where he's sick one day, and kind of OK the next. He looks so sad; it breaks my heart. So, we're hunkering down with knitting, correcting papers, and chilling at the casa de Volvomom over the next few days. I'm hoping snow comes into the scene soon, because I'd really like a snow day for a free school day this January!

Happy day, everyone!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

And you?

Right now I'm listening to a CD of Arabic/Moroccan music that one of my French I students gave me. It's just completely awesome. I'm trying to wrap gifts, when in reality I need to be working on a mammoth scrapbook album that has to be finished for Christmas for tomorrow. Yes, by tomorrow. Hence why I am consuming Diet Coke.

I had the best teaching moment yesterday. To see teenagers choosing to try authenitc Moroccan couscous over sweet treats and exclaim, "Man! Dude! This stuff IS pretty good!" made me feel a-ok. Perhaps the world will someday be a bit OK. The best part is I got to take the extra couscous home. How wonderful. The student's grandmother is here for a stay, and she made the couscous herself. This stuff was incredible. I usually don't like to blog about class, but this was just one of those teaching days that one will remember and retell again and again and again.

Happy holidays, everyone!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Card Count

I picked up this Christmas Card tally from Katherines "Life In Suburbia" blog (too lazy to link - multitasking with kidlet nearby - promise to link later, ma cherie, Katherine).

Number of Christmas Cards mailed: 80+ (can't remember, but around that amount
Number that contain personal greetings: all of them
Number of Christmas Cards still to be mailed: approx. zero - except for those which I receive from people to whom I didn't send. Then I feel horribly guilt and send one right away. So does that make a negative number somewhere?
Number one state: Massachusetts
Number two state: New Hampshire
Random states: Washington, Florida, Illinois
Farthest: Finland, Japan, Canada (well, I guess for New England that doesn't count as far, huh?)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tea Time

Ready for this? I'm sitting at the computadora, haciendo a test for Spanish III, and I'm drinking tea. Tea. That's right. Not my usual coffee. I'm drinking tea. I know certain readers are in shock right now, and are going to have to be revived with a quad venti latte. I went to my local herbal store over the weekend to gift shop, and picked up a moonstone rock (to even out moods), a few gifts, and the employee/medium/reader also recommended a stress relief tea when I inquired. All the herbs are fresh, and I can really taste the difference. This tea doesn't taste like horse straw, which is what most tea tastes like to me. Does anyone know what I mean? You know, the tea in a bag that leaves an after taste that reminds you of a barn? Or cardboard that's dry? Blech. No, this reminds me of wildflowers in Vermont on a spirng day. Or sitting on the grass in the summer reading a good book.

I still have gifts to buy and make, and that's a wee bit of stress. I guess I'd better rub my moonstone. Or perhaps wear my dickie (see last post comment!).

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Oh no. I've started shopping...

I ran to the mall today to pick up a few gifts. I've pretty much finished shopping, but I still have a few people left. I truly abhor shopping for all its materialistic, Western culture vices. And then I entered the Sigrid Olsen store and fell in love. The staff were funny and so helpful. I absolutely hate the way I look. When they suggested I try on pants, I confessed that I have pantphobia. I ended up buying a sweater that was marked down from $200. I fell in love with a jacket that I know I will go back and buy after the holidays. This is not me. I am usually not this fashionista type who cares about clothes and shoes. However, a few weeks ago when one of my classes divulged that they're keeping a record of what I wear, and asked just how many turtle neck sweaters I actually own, I went home and cried.

But hey - my turtle neck sweaters are from Talbots, Harolds and J. Jill. At least I am buying them with class, right? I may be conservative, but I look "put together." I definitely need to be a project for the upcoming "Project Runway" season.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Joyeux Noel and all that Stuff

'Tis the time of year when I live on eating whatever is in the fridge, and make sure I drink lots of caffeine. I will admit that this year I'm doing much better than in the past. Perhaps motherhood has helped calm me down to see what's important in life.

I've had a tough week, with all the goings on. I'm hesitant to describe too much about the workplace, but I'll just say it was tough. The end always justifies the means, though, and will lead to all things good. Unfortunately, I cleaned the house this week and ended up with a major allergy attack. That was only the beginning.

We found out on Thursday that my dad's cancer levels are increasing, so chemo is on the horizon. Let's be more specific, as it looks like it will begin on my birthday in January. Nice, ne c'est pas? I'm taking suggestions as to when my birthday should be moved. Any dates would be much appreciated.

My son asked to listen to Courtney Love this morning. Darn, that boy made me proud! Kidlet B will be taking art lessons at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston next month. Kidlet A may be going to the French Library for story time at the same time. He truly has a gift for languages; he can mimic French, Chinese, Russian, Bulgarian - you name it - with a near perfect accent. I'm trying not to be a "helicopter mommy," but at times it's just so hard.

I hear a croissant calling my name. Croissants dipped in cafe au lait are truly heaven, even if the croissant is simply from my supermarket, and the coffee is simply from Starbucks. I may be in suburbia instead of Paris, but I can dream!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Summing up Sunday

I'm listening to French radio right now, trying to improve my French. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

I took Katherine's cue, and bought some paperwhites yesterday. I need to make sure I'm doing these correctly. I don't have much luck with plants. We'll see how these go. I tend to be a bit over enthusiastic about any project, so I bought about 15 bulbs, and now I want to make housewarming gifts for everyone. Oh, gosh. Let's not throw in the scrapbooks I need to make in twenty days, the cards I need to send out, the grad classes I need to sign up for, and the panic attack that is about to set in.

Off to make cards!